Electrolytic Iron at Serena

Electrolytic Iron Powder (e-iron) and Electro - Reduced Iron Powder (r-iron) are the product of Serena Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. derived by electrolysis process of extracting purest form of iron and by reduction process under hydrogen atmosphere which consists of negligible impurity or trace elements mainly heavy metals

OUR Iron powders are of highest purity with MIN 99% iron content, which makes it suitable for numerous applications such as food fortification, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical products etc. The bioavailability of the different forms of elemental iron is very dependent on the size, shape and surface area of the iron particles, (characteristics which are governed by the manufacturing process) as well as the composition of the meals in which it is consumed.

Main Application:

  • Food Fortification: Our Iron powders has been proved to be the best option for food fortification and it has been traditionally used to fortify wheat and other cereal flours.
    Iron In Food Fortification
    The main source of iron are eggs, red meat, sea foods and whole grains. Poor intake of these food sources, vegetarian diet or lack of food source availability causes IDA (iron deficiency anemia). Iron fortification of food is a methodology utilized worldwide to address iron deficiency and it helps to intake the daily required amount of iron to humans and considered the most cost-effective approach to prevent iron deficiency.

    Why e-iron / r-iron Used In Food Fortification: Iron is the most difficult mineral to add to foods. When added as water-soluble, highly bioavailable compounds such as ferrous sulfate, the soluble iron rapidly catalyzes fat oxidation resulting in rancid products. In addition, water-soluble iron compounds can cause unacceptable color reactions during storage and food preparation. When selecting a suitable iron compound as a food fortificant, the overall objective is to find the one that has the greatest absorbability, shelf life, stability, prices, far less effect on sensory change etc. That is why we prefer e-iron/ r-iron for food fortification which has been proved to be the best option for food fortification and it has been traditionally used to fortify wheat and other cereal flours.
  • Nutraceutical Uses : e-iron / r-iron also known as heme iron supplement and helps to treat or prevent anemia when the amount of iron taken in from the normal diet is not enough. Our Iron Powders was approximately 86% as efficacious as FeSO4 for improving body iron within 12 weeks.
  • Chemical Uses: e-iron / r-iron is also used for producing high purity ferrous salts for various applications and it is the most important of all metals.
  • Pharamaceutical Uses: e-iron and r-iron are the purest form of iron so it is used to produce iron supplements. It comes as regular, film-coated, and extended-release (long acting) tablets; capsules, and an oral liquid to be ingested by mouth.

Unique Selling Points of our Iron Powders:

  • Most Trusted brand: e-iron and r-iron has carved a unique place for iron in food fortification and dietary supplement industry.
  • Best Food Vehicle: e-iron and r-iron are the best vehicle for food fortification and good interaction with other vitamins and minerals
  • Electrolytic Iron e-iron Low extraction (white) wheat flour or de-germed corn flour, Breakfast cereals,
    Bouillon cubes, Cereal-based complementary food with ascorbic acid.
    Electro - Reduced Iron r-iron

  • Do not cause organoleptic changes: e-iron and r-iron are having less effect on organoleptic (sensory changes) like ferrous sulphate or any other ferrous salts
  • Excellent Bioavailability: The Relatively bioavailability of e-iron and r-iron are in between 75 to 86%
  • Iron Compound Iron% RBV Vehicle in use Relative cost per Mg Iron
    e-iron 99.5 71-86 2,4 0.8
    r-iron 99.7 75-93 2,4 1.0

  • Cheaper than other soluble compounds: e-iron and r-iron are the purest form of iron it has excellent bioavailability in nature and it is cheaper than other iron compounds
  • Most stable forms of iron: e-iron and r-ironare stable under various methods of cooking and different humidity. It has a greater shelf life up to 3 years

The driving growth, demand of e-iron and r-iron in Food, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industry is increasing. We offer precisely customized products with specific physical & chemical properties to suit a wide spectrum of applications of industries.